I’ve been thinking about how this is like the “Julie & Julia” blog and what sets it apart. It’s similar I suppose, in that I can share with you not just a recipe but my life and environment while I make the recipe. The recipes are certainly not fine French Cuisine & certainly don’t come from an icon such as Julia Child. This is the updated, fully 21st century version of the J & J blog. You all have access to the same recipes and can even cook/bake along with me. (I have attached the link to my pinterest board so you can see the recipes.) Wouldn’t that be fun? We can share our experiences.

As I’m getting myself organized for this whole challenge, I realize that I haven’t actually gone through my board and made sure that they links are to actual recipes. I promise that if a link dosen’t actually go to a recipe, I will find  a similar recipe and make it. If it goes to multiple recipes, I may ask you to select which recipes we try. I like the idea of interacting with people who bother to take time to read this silly thing. Besides, I feel a bit sequestered since having the baby. This way, I can somehow feel a connection to society outside of spying in on Facebook.

As the time draws nearer to begin this process, I am getting excited. Partly, I suppose because my husband and friends are excited. I love exploring and this is just another avenue to do so. I hope anyone who is reading is getting excited too.

And the boy wonder is awake from his nap. Bye!


Challenge accepted…

In about 2 weeks, I am going to embark on a culinary journey. I’m not an expert chef or baker. I’m just a mom of a very young child trying to…he’s awake, be right back.

Ok. I think he’s back down. Whew! (That was about 20 minutes.)

As I was saying, I’m a mother of a young child just tying to be more than just a mom. I guess at the heart of it, I’m trying to regain a little piece of who I was before he came into our lives and made it complicated and more amazing. I also want to do this and benefit my family (and occasionally our friends too). They get to eat the results of the experiment.

Lastly, I’m doing this because I feel like Pinterest has become our electronic catchall. We dream of doing and making, but often I hear from friends, “It’s something off of Pinterest that I actually did!” I want to use this trove of great recipes. Dang it! He’s up again.

A few things to help set expectations:

1. All the recipes will be done gluten free. Even if it doesn’t call for gluten free flour, I will be using it. My husband and I are gluten sensitive and feel much better without it. I use the flour mix from Artisinal Gluten Free Cooking by Peter and Kelli Bronski.

2. No sea food. My husband can’t stomach it. Sad really because I enjoy it from time to time.

3. I LOVE the Autumn season. It kicks off the holidays and I appreciate the change in weather and clothes. I love a good sweater/boot combo! Because I love Autumn so much, my pins run heavy on the pumpkin and cider theme.

4. I want to have completed baking or cooking all the recipes on my Pinterest board in one year. I have roughly 130 pins on there now, which means I will have to make a recipe every three days. I will blog as often as my son allows, but I will blog about every recipe and will try to have pictures to accompany each.