Let’s get it started…

I’m back from visiting family. I had a lovely time but came home even more exhausted from travel than anticipated. So did the baby. It was a good week to be away though as the hubs had a lot on his work plate & wouldn’t have been too available to help out.

This week holds 2 holidays in our home. The first, Canada Day on July 1 and of course there is the Forth of July! Lots of country births to celebrate. As we stuffed our faces with perogies and Montreal smoked meat Poutine at the Redondo Beach Cafe and will likely find something equally amazing and fattening to eat on the Forth, we opted to start our experiment next week. I say we, because I fully feel that my family is a huge part of this. My husband has to eat what I make  so I consult on which recipe I will be making in the next week.

We’ve settled on the Teriyaki Chicken Bacon and Pineapple skewers.

Dan asked if it would be cheating if he grilled them. He quickly followed that up with, “Of course, you could grill them too!” How very Canadian of him; Allowing for non traditional gender roles 😉

See you next week!


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