The Best Laid Plans…

Oh! We’ll have plenty of time this weekend to do the first recipe! It’s the 4th of July long weekend…and I’m going to be admitted into the hospital?

Since arriving back from Colorado, I had not been feeling tip top. I had attributed it to the fact that I was a single parent for a week with a child who also wasn’t feeling well. I may get sick but I would get over it. 

As the holiday neared, my temperature went up, up, up! Not just because it was ungodly hot in the San Fernando Valley either. On the 4th, I ended up in Urgent Care. The doctor was either not paying attention to my actual symtoms or was already on holiday in his mind because he prescribed me meds for allergies. I went home and one medication that he prescribed caused severe sweating and my eyes to fling open at 10:30 pm and I didn’t get to shut them again until 4:30 am. This also complicated the sleep patterns of our 9.5 month old who is still breast feeding. He woke up at 3 and also didn’t get back down until 4:30.

The next day was worse with my temperature peaking at 102. I thought that if I still felt this awful come Saturday morning, I would certainly go back to Urgent Care. I felt worse and so we returned for another diagnosis or to yell at the first physician anyway. The new doctor took one look at my throat and declared that he thought I had an abscess on my tonsil and that if my fever rose to 102 again I was to head straight to the ER. He gave me an antibiotic shot and a shot of B12 and sent me home. Within an hour, my temperature was 102.7! I told my husband that I was sorry, but we had to go to the ER. 

There they couldn’t figure out what to do with me, but I had begun to finally feel a bit better. They suggested that I be admitted over night just for observation and I could see an ENT doctor and we’d get it all figured out. I thought that this sounded lovely! One night in hospital, my son could try to sleep in his crib and not feed on Mommy all night and Mommy could maybe get a good nights sleep. 

Four days later, I had been diagnosed with severe tonsillitis but I hadn’t had surgery. I was just observed. Sort of. One of those days, the ENT didn’t even come to evaluate my condition. My son was getting dehydrated and his separation anxiety seemed to be getting confirmed. My husband was unable to work and was doing the job of the two of us. I was slowly but not surely getting better. 

It may seem funny, but I thought about this blog. Not because I felt like I was letting anyone down, but because I wanted to be cooking and living life outside of the hospital rather than watching 9 episodes of Castle in a row. (I love Castle, but to watch that many episodes in a row, you must be at least 70 years old.) I also wanted to be home with my guys. 

I was released late Tuesday afternoon and I immediately began planning to make this weeks recipe. And I’m working on it. 

As I type, I’m listening to my son still getting used to not falling asleep in my arms nursing in our bed. Instead, he’s “learning to self sooth” by crying himself to sleep for an hour because now that we’ve started that, it would be really bad to go back to the way things were, (from what I’ve read). I hate every second of it. I feel like I’m torturing my Love Bug. Any constructive advice welcome. 

Incidentally, I am going to make the Teriyaki Sauce for this weeks recipe. It’s this one from

I think I’ll have pictures up this weekend. You know, barring any more hospital stays. 

See you soon!


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