Salty Bourbon Squares

As I perused the My Pinnable Kitchen Board trying to decide which recipe to do next, I came across the Salty Bourbon Squares. What a perfect way to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary than by stealing 2 tablespoons of my husband’s good bourbon…er. Well, he likes bourbon anyway and I am pretty sure he likes chocolate chip cookies too, so, perfect!

The blog that this recipe comes from, The Vanilla Bean Blog, is quite funny! If you have children, you will relate and have a giggle too. The photos are also quite beautiful. Really great blog!

This recipe was SUPER simple. I made it during one of my son’s naps. If you’re a parent you know that the time a child is napping is precious and fleeting and sometimes endless. But you usually have to be somewhere at a certain time after said nap. So the fact that I started AND finished this recipe during a nap says something.

I think that there is one reason why I don’t usually make everything I pin. I usually don’t have the exotic ingredients that I need. This recipe is one that I didn’t attempt before because I didn’t have Fluer de Sel. It’s an ingredient that is easy enough to get ahold of; it’s just rather expensive and you never know when you’ll need to use it again. Of course, I suppose, you could use it instead of regular salt.

Wow! I just googled what Fluer de Sel is. It’s hand harvested French salt! No wonder it’s $13 for 4.4 ounces! Well, the French do know cooking. And it was worth buying for this one recipe. I will be making it again.

Just from the pictures, you can tell that it was delicious. I have already had Facebook requests for one.

The one issue that I had was with the chocolate. Even though I followed the directions of the recipe and let the sugar and butter mixture cool before adding the egg/bourbon mixture (which didn’t curdle in the sugar), when I added the chocolate, it melted into the batter. As I was mixing it in, a few of the chips (I didn’t have time to cut up a chunk of chocolate) melted! I never thought that it would turn out a lighter brown color, but it did.

I also used the Bronski Gluten Free flour mix. I find that in most recipes, you can substitute the gluten free flour 1:1 unless the recipe is butter heavy. If there is a lot of butter, as there was in this recipe, I always add the gluten free flour at about 1.5:1 ratio, or heap tablespoons full in until the batter looks and/or feels the right consistency. In this case, I figured that since it is a giant casserole cookie (pedestrian term),  the batter needed to look like cookie batter.  This worked out perfectly!

The smell of chocolate chip cookies wafted into the nursery and I knew that we weren’t going to be able to wait on this treat for another day.  I took some to my best friend, whose in-laws are visiting. They all enjoyed. I would HIGHLY recommend this recipe.

Below are the pictures.  This week, I’m making Walnut Jam Scones for my Bestie’s birthday since she and her husband are such fans of Milo & Olive in Santa Monica.

Until then!

IMG_1400 IMG_1396