Challenge accepted…

In about 2 weeks, I am going to embark on a culinary journey. I’m not an expert chef or baker. I’m just a mom of a very young child trying to…he’s awake, be right back.

Ok. I think he’s back down. Whew! (That was about 20 minutes.)

As I was saying, I’m a mother of a young child just tying to be more than just a mom. I guess at the heart of it, I’m trying to regain a little piece of who I was before he came into our lives and made it complicated and more amazing. I also want to do this and benefit my family (and occasionally our friends too). They get to eat the results of the experiment.

Lastly, I’m doing this because I feel like Pinterest has become our electronic catchall. We dream of doing and making, but often I hear from friends, “It’s something off of Pinterest that I actually did!” I want to use this trove of great recipes. Dang it! He’s up again.

A few things to help set expectations:

1. All the recipes will be done gluten free. Even if it doesn’t call for gluten free flour, I will be using it. My husband and I are gluten sensitive and feel much better without it. I use the flour mix from Artisinal Gluten Free Cooking by Peter and Kelli Bronski.

2. No sea food. My husband can’t stomach it. Sad really because I enjoy it from time to time.

3. I LOVE the Autumn season. It kicks off the holidays and I appreciate the change in weather and clothes. I love a good sweater/boot combo! Because I love Autumn so much, my pins run heavy on the pumpkin and cider theme.

4. I want to have completed baking or cooking all the recipes on my Pinterest board in one year. I have roughly 130 pins on there now, which means I will have to make a recipe every three days. I will blog as often as my son allows, but I will blog about every recipe and will try to have pictures to accompany each.